Liquidambar Art Gallery

The Gallery:  Where Nature and Art Converge

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Cross the creek and experience the Liquidambar Art Gallery & Studios located in the magical heart of the Sequatchie Valley, just 45 minutes from Chattanooga.

Discover ceramics, paintings, jewelry, flame-worked glass, kaleidoscopes, metal ornaments, and sculptures. Much of the art is made on-site in our studios, with a portion of it brought in from talented local artists.

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View the Nature of Reaction Photo Gallery

Watch resident artists in their natural habitat, doing what they do best. A cozy place to relax and chat is the gallery’s library, where you will find S.V.I.’s favorite books on the good life.

There are special goings-on each weekend, including: hikes, tours, workshops & special exhibits, sales of our garden’s products, and community volunteer days.

Hike on our marked mountain nature trails, located on 350 acres of land protected by the Land Trust of Tennessee. Learn about over 100 shrubs and trees in the forest and gardens by walking the numbered
Pipsissewa Arboretum Trail.

Educational and inspirational tours of the greenhouse, gardens, and solar-powered natural-building
structures made of rock, logs, clay, and straw are
useful for those of all ages who are interested in
a more sustainable lifestyle.

Dress for adventure!

We are be open for sales most weekends, from
10 am to 5 pm CST.

If you have any questions or would like to make
an appointment, please give us a call at:



Or fill out the message form below!

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For more information, see Liquidambar’s website or Facebook page.

10% of sales from the Liquidambar Art Gallery
help support the educational programs of S.V.I.

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