Natural-Building Structures

Moonshadow ( S.V.I. H.Q. )

moonshadow nature field trips trailsFour acres of edible landscaping deeply integrated with the original forest ecosystem surrounds the education center’s landmark headquarters, a marvel affectionately nicknamed, Moonshadow.

moonshoadow kitchen food for life sustainable architecture natural building

Construction on the building named Moonshadow began in 1980 and was completed for the most part by 1986. Periodic changes or updates are an ongoing process, as is the nature of existence.

moonshadow permaculture landscape solar powered natural building springtime in tennessee hiking camping tours workshopsClick here to learn more about
Moonshadow’s Solar Energy Installation!


Barking Beetle

SVI natural building structure sustainably built event space

Standing high in the trees, open-air on all sides, and sustainably built of logs from trees that were done in by pine beetles, Barking Beetle includes a homespun kitchen area on the ground floor, and can be used for meetings, retreats, weddings, and conferences, as well as a solid covered camping area. Our very own, “silver lining.”

SVI Barking Beetle Natural Building Stucture Infinity Fire Pit Event Space

Como Se Llama

como se llama past art gallery natural building structure
This structure used to be the art gallery before we built Liquidambar.

como se llama past art gallery natural building structure svi

Four Oaks

Four Oaks Natural Building Structure at SVI Southeast Tennessee ForestNice and homey, with a characteristic tree nearby.

Crow’s Nest

crows nest natural building structure
With a view to match the name, Crow’s Nest is the place to stay, especially if you’ve always wished you could fly.

Mud Dauber
Mud Dauber Natural Building Structure SVI

Mud Dauber is an ideal rustic artist and writer’s getaway.

mud dauber door natural building structure







Anoli Anole lizard southeast tennessee region sequatchie valley institute hiking

Named after the cute little local lizards, this open-air structure has had a rich history spanning time as an art studio and a good ol’ southern porch. It overlooks the vineyard, Moonshadow, and Barking Beetle.

Muscadines at Sunset with View of Moonshadow at SVI             Anoli natural building structure SVI

Paw Paw Pagoda

Paw Paw Pagoda in the Bamboo Forest Best Picnic Spot

Near Moonshadow and a favorite picnic spot, Paw Paw also makes a wonderful tent platform. The sound of the native wildlife around the pond in the evenings is simply relaxing.

Paw Paw Pagoa at SVI     Stream Near the Pond in the Bamboo Forest

Liquidambar Art Gallery

liquidambar art gallery whitwell dunlap chattanooga outdoor nature hiking trails ceramics pottery sculpture charitable organizationNear the Entrance; open most weekends of the year.
Updates are available on our Facebook Page.

The gallery showcases original fine art and crafts, including ceramics, paintings, kaleidoscopes, electroformed mixed media sculptures, and flameworked glass – all skillfully made by resident and local artisans.

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