Wine in the Woods

“Explore the magic and novelty of life while tasting
experimental wines, meads, elixirs, and other oddities from our cellar, cave, and apothecary…”

Wine in the Woods is an event held at
S.V.I. once or twice per year.
We have hosted this event for over 20 years!

As with every event held here, we start off with a guided tour through 4 acres of Permaculture landscape, hand-crafted structures, and Pipsissewa Arboretum Trail.

Looking through muscadine vines out over Moonshadow and a gorgeous Autumn sunset, from the Anoli structure

The evening settles into a relaxed and jovial atmosphere, with delicious and exotic specialties, including homemade
alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages and light food options.

We encourage attendees to take advantage of free camping on the premises, and we often hold a donation-based brunch the next day.

For the last few years, we have been fortunate enough to have Nexus of Musical Mysticism on WXNA spin records of various genres and Tree Dimensional provide a visually stunning light display. They both have certainly helped grow this particular event into a spectacular occasion!

Past Events

The weather turned chilly for our most recent Wine in the Woods, but we made do in Moonshadow!

Wine in the Woods November 10, 2018
Photos by Ricardo Chang

The photos below are from after the music and light show kicked off.

Here is the flyer and event page for the November 10th, 2018
Wine in the Woods:

Wine in the Woods – April 7, 2018

Please contact us with any questions you may have about this or other events!

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