Discover our self-guided numbered nature trails on 350 acres of mountainside at Sequatchie Valley Institute. There is much to learn about the diverse forest ecology, plants, and history of Southeast Tennessee. The easy-to-moderate, well-marked trails begin at the Liquidambar Art Gallery in the base of the valley.

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Note: the story maps are being updated. Please pick up current paper guides in the Gallery.

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S.V.I. Self-Guided Forest Nature Trails
Information Booklet

Both trails lead to below the bluffs at Moonshadow, the Sequatchie Valley Institute headquarters, which is hand-crafted, solar-powered, and surrounded by 4 acres of Permaculture gardens.

The round trip will take 1-2 hours, allowing time for observation of nature along the way.

You may wish to bring a picnic lunch, along with plenty of hydrating fluids. Children are welcome with proper supervision and should have no problem managing the trail. Trail runners will find the terrain welcoming, even though our trails are not suitable for bikes.
No pets, please.

During available hours, hiking trails are free to attend and are maintained by Sequatchie Valley Institute, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization promoting education and research in sustainable green living, ecology, and art. We also offer rustic camping packages.




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The Liquidambar Art Gallery, available to visit most weekends of the year, offers art for viewing and purchase by local & resident artists.

Please call or check here for dates and times we are open, as well as other information about the Gallery.

Proceeds help support the programs of S.V.I.

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