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The mission of the Sequatchie Valley Institute is to offer society an opportunity to experience and learn about living in harmony with nature by providing:

  • education, art and research opportunities, land conservation and restoration
  • a dynamic model residence and learning center and
  • a vision for attaining a sustainable future

SVI Projects

Projects for fulfillment of our mission include:

Landscape and Architecture — permaculture, edible landscaping, natural building, and alternative energy

Education, Research & Outreach — off-site presentations and consulting, tours, teacher enrichment and academic research

Moonshadow Programs — workshops, conferences, meetings and events

MEDIA RIGHTS — a media production company encompassing the goals of SVI, producing newsletters, video, audio, public art projects and the SVI website

Land Conservation – protecting and preserving the integrity and sustainability of the Lane Cove watershed, we have assembled a domain of 380+ acres

Artwork & Crafts

In addition to working for SVI, many of our residents are artists: we do pottery, painting, lampworked-glass, stained glass, wood-work and more.