We are hoping to reopen soon after our long closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Liquidambar Art Gallery will be opening on weekends and we are now planning a December art reception. While we are closed, we are expanding our offerings and trails, so that when you are able to return, you will not pick up where you left off, but be shown new adventures…

We do hope that you choose to find other ways of safely exploring the outdoors, and taking in the fresh air and richness of nature, at one of the many beautiful parks open in the area.

If you are looking for art from Liquidambar Gallery here at SVI, including Carol’s nature-based functional pottery or Patrick’s multimedia art, please email us and we can set up a visit or video tour to find your perfect piece! You may also purchase art online from Etsy, at CarolKimmonsPottery.

We are enjoying an incredible beginning of Autumn since the equinox. The acorns of all types are abundant, indicating a ‘Mast Year,’ which comes in irregular two to five year cycles. This is said to indicate a rough winter ahead, with the excessive production of nuts helping the squirrels to stock up for the winter ahead. There are a number of factors, such as temperature, rainfall, and pollination. It remains a mystery, yet we like to think of our happily fed creatures of the forest, and the ensured offspring of the beautiful oaks. We are also collecting white oak acorns to send to the Tennessee Forestry Association. If you have oak trees, you can contact them at 615-883-3832 to request an acorn collection kit.

What are you noticing that is different outside this year?