Springtime Wildflower Hikes

Each spring, the rich ecosystem in the coves and hollows of Sequatchie Valley awaken with enthusiasm

Emerging ragwort, buckeye, bloodroot, trout lily, trilliums, redbuds, and dogwood blossoms dazzle the eyes of the
adventurous as expert naturalists, ethnobotanists, and foresters guide groups of hikers through the wilds of the Southeast Tennessee bioregion.


Sturdy boots/shoes
Long pants
Water bottle
Light lunch or snacks
Camera, ID books, & journals

All ages are welcome!

As we are a wildlife refuge area, we do ask that pets stay at home.


While you’re here…Be sure to visit the Liquidambar Art Gallery, where you will find pottery, paintings, glass works, and sculptures created by local and resident artists! See the website liquidambarsvi.wordpress.com.

Liquidambar Art Gallery at Sequatchie Valley Institute, fine art and crafts by skilled artisans, including ceramics, paintings, kaleidoscopes, electroformed mixed media sculpture, and flameworked glass


Purple Wildflowers


Please contact us with any questions you may have about this or other events at Carolkimmons@gmail.com/4046985444.