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2018 Food for Life Conference at SVI is Over! Plan to come in 2019–watch our sites for info on dates.
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Wine in the Woods – November 10, 2018
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Wine in the Woods
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Liquidambar Art Gallery Holiday Reception at S.V.I.
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Food for life – June 2019

Closed to the public
Virtual Spring Wildflower Hike 2020
Springtime Wildflower Hikes
Liquidambar Art Gallery and SVI Trails Open Feb. 16-17, 11-4 pm Central and Upcoming Weekends!
Liquidambar Gallery will be closed Dec. 29-30, will reopen Jan 5-6
Are you Ready for Christmas? Liquidambar Art Gallery at SVI can Help!
Liquidambar Art Gallery, Arboretum, and Trails Open this Weekend, Sept. 8-9, 10-5 CDT.
20th Annual Food for Life Conference June 8-10 at SVI!

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