Kid’s Trade Blanket

One of the most well-loved children’s activities that takes place during our annual Food for Life event is the “Kid’s Trade Blanket.” This hearkens back to the North American fur trade and it assists young ones in their exploration of the concept of value.

Participants bring items, or ideas of value, to trade with those who have what they want in exchange. Mentors guide the children who wish to join in through the economics of barter. Supportive onlookers are welcome and encouraged to watch the unfolding from the sidelines of the circle.

Guiding the flow of resources is largely what sets us apart as humans. Learning how to trade kindly will surely affect “future ancestors” positively.

Ideas for what to trade:

  • Handmade crafts
  • Art supplies
  • Books
  • Containers/Vessels
  • Useful tools
  • Skills you can teach
  • Used and vintage clothing
  • Homemade and/or healthy foods
  • Found treasures/Mysterious objects