Gallery open!

You may have to walk across our lovely bridge built by us on the old piers from the coal-mining days above the roaring Hicks Creek!  Be sure to bring your phone for a picture.  Just don’t try to drive across the ford!?Awaiting you will be some lovely art that might make that special Valentine very happy.  You will be able to choose between the mugs impressed with local plant designs, pendants, and sweet Fairy Dishes by Carol, tiny bird paintings by Michelle, lamp-work multicolored glass heart necklaces, and unique sculptural art and kaleidoscopes by Patrick.  If the rain lets up, walk along the creek on Hemlock Grove Trail, listening to the flowing water’s sweet melody.  We will be open next weekend also,  so you may want to bring your Valentine for an early spring walk, discovering the first forest flowers peeking through the leaves and admiring the beeches, still holding their golden winter leaves until the new ones push them off.