What We Do

eco familyProjects for fulfillment of our mission include:

Landscape and Architecture -- permaculture, edible landscaping, natural building, and alternative energy

Education, Research & Outreach -- off-site presentations and counsulting, tours, teacher enrichment and academic research

Moonshadow Programs -- workshops, conferences, meetings and events

MEDIA RIGHTS -- a media production company encompassing the goals of SVI, producing newsletters, video, audio, public art projects and the SVI website

Land Conservation -- protecting and preserving the integrity and sustainability of the Lane Cove watershed, we have assembled a domain of 380+ acres

4 thoughts on “What We Do”

  1. I was wondering how kids fit in to your community. I would love to find a place where I can learn and teach, sometimes with the children, and sometimes out in the field, and sometimes both. If you are not really set up and geared towards kids do you know of other places similar to you that are? Thank You, Ginny

  2. Hi, Ginny!

    That’s a good question. Here’s a long answer… We welcome children often… our friends and neighbors, board members and family members all bring their kids to moonshadow frequently, and we generally host a few family-friendly events each year.

    We have 8 children living in and around the moonshadow “village” as of late 2008. We are very new to homeschooling, and are learning about the time and level of commitment involved, and beginning to share responsibilities for child care and instruction. If you are an accredited educational professional or have solid experience in that field, we’d be very interested in speaking with you.

    The best times to check us out and learn more about moonshadow and SVI are during our scheduled events. Please join our email list and check our calendar for upcoming events. We don’t generally host folks at moonshadow outside of SVI event schedules. We host monthly tours March through November, and we hold many scheduled SVI events during that period as well. I’d suggest you come first for a tour, then attend one of our SVI events, such as Food for Life, to get a better feel for the scene.

    If you are seriously interested in becoming involved, we also have a board of directors who meet periodically.

    We have sometimes welcomed families with children onto the Land, a place just down the hill and across the creek from moonshadow. That is certainly a possibility, and we have had community members living there spring–fall, when it’s most hospitable. Accommodations there are very spartan, and it’s suggested you come prepared with the funds, facilities and wherewithal for life on the Land. While there is electricity, well and spring water, a small open kitchen, composting toilets, etc… you’ll need to invest in appropriate lodging — tipi, campaign tent, travel trailer or the like.

    Please be aware of our community fund requirements: $5-$20 per day, sliding scale, depending on the amount and value of the work to which you can commit.

    Parents are expected to provide food and care and supervision for their young children, and the community fund also applies to older kids who use the facilities, food, herbs, etc. which are provided for fund contributors.

    For more info, see FAQs.

  3. …how would I go about actually signing up to get involved and are there any other fees besides the $5-$20 per day? It might be a while before I can commit to relocating out that way, but “future reference” info couldn’t hurt, right?



  4. Rosalie, our community fund fees are $5-20/day, that’s all… $5 rate is with a full day work share, $20 rate is for “just hanging out”

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