2 thoughts on “Energy Camp (UT Extension, Bledsoe County)”

  1. My daughter and her family will be visiting us this summer and are very interested in seeing what you do. Could we join the energy camp tour on July 10th? There would be 4 adults and 2 children. If the children would be a problem (ages 5 and 2), then my husband and I could keep them at home and then there would only be 2 adults. My daughter and her husband are environmental activists and would appreciate a chance to see the institute.
    Susan Scott

  2. Susan, this event is not open to the public, so I suggest you join us for one of the regularly scheduled open house tours. (3rd Saturdays @ 1pm CDT)

    We may also be able to arrange a private tour for your family, but will need advance notice to make sure we have a resident who can help you.

    please email office manager@svionline or call us at 423-949-5922.

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