[Sviannouncements] ketner's mill and tour of moonshadow

ashley ironwood ashley at svionline.org
Fri Oct 19 21:28:57 EDT 2007

greetings, all!
for those of you who are local, svi will be at the ketner's mill  
crafts fair this weekend doing demonstrations and selling pottery and  
glass beads and jewelry.  we'd love to see you if you're planning to  
be there!
and, while you're in the valley - come for a tour of moonshadow on  
sunday at 1pm central time.
call alex to let him know if you're planning to be on that tour -  

thanks for your support!
- the moonshadow crew

please note my new email address

ashley ironwood
sequatchie valley institute
1233 cartwright loop
whitwell, tn  37397
ashley at svionline.org

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